Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cockroach Cocktails and Ringworm Earrings

First, they make their way into the home, and now they’re breaking into your drinks and jewelry!

Don’t worry; this isn’t a post about a restaurant or a store that’s infested. These places want their bugs. There’s a new “resto-lounge” called White & Church that has specialty cocktails – with insects as the secret ingredient.

Actually, they’re not so secret. These bugs are clearly sitting on the drinks as both decoration and a topping. These insects are high in protein and each bug is specifically picked out to reflect each drink.

The Blue Velvet drink contains a tobacco and sugar-infused brandy with scorpions.

The Summer drink is made with a coconut, crème caramel, and crickets.

The Why Not drink, also the most popular, has tequila, Contreau, lime juice, avocado, red pepper, and Mexican worms.

The mastermind behind all this is Cristina Bini, Florence native and mixologist. She was convinced, after seeing lobsters in a tank at a bar in Florence, that these insects would be her signature.

While most people would cringe at the idea, they claim that no one has run out of the bar in response to the bugs on the counter. Bini says it’s because people eat snails, so it’s the same thing. I don’t know about that, but it seems to be working! The bar is bringing in a lot of intrigued individuals, including big names like model Francesca Vuillemin.

As if ingesting these critters wasn’t enough, the new trend is wearing these bugs. Recently seen at a New York City street fair, with a sign reading 100% REAL BUGS, the jewelry seemed to be a big hit.

So, maybe next time you see a critter crawling across your floor, don’t call us, pick it up and string it around your neck or dump it in your cocktail and see how it goes!

…We’re just kidding. Call Suburban Exterminating at (516) or (631) 864-6900.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little Black Ants

Join the crowd if you’ve tried to get rid of these pests! Little black ants easily outsmart most people. Regular inspections and service is necessary to find and treat new colonies. When you’re ready to call in an expert, contact Suburban Exterminating at 864-6900!

Basic facts about Little Black Ants

Size 1/16- inch long   

Color Jet-black

Activity/Behavior Little black ants like to feed on a variety of foods. They eat aphids as a source of honeydew, feed on meats and greases. Indoors they feed on both greases and sweet foods. Most home infestations occur when workers are searching for food.

Where They Live They nest beneath stones, in lawns, and in areas that lack vegetation. Their nests are easily located because they form small craters of fine soil at their entrances. These ants also nest in rotting wood and behind the woodwork or masonry of structures. Indoors they can be found under the edge of carpeting, in old termite galleries, and in wall voids.

Basic Tips for Control

• Eliminating ant nesting sites like wood piles, rock piles, and bricks

• Keep water away from home’s onto the foundation.

• Sealing cracks and holes in the home's exterior

• Keeping tree and shrub branches trimmed away from home.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bugs in your House Plants ! ? !

This video describes a common insect problem (fungus gnats) that can develop in your house plants.  Give us thumbs up if this video makes you dance!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Customer Compliments

We receive many customer compliments but not many handwritten letters. Thank you for the compliment, Mrs. G of Kings Park!

Thursday, June 2, 2011