Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Opossums on Long Island

Recently, a Suburban Exterminating customer called in reporting an opossum in her Brentwood home.  Most wildlife foundations do not recommend trying to get rid of a trapped opossum in your home by yourself.  Call a professional!  Read for further information on Suburban Exterminating’s nuisance wildlife removal solutions, or call (516) 864-6900 or (631) 864-6900 for a free estimate.

Opossum Facts

The Virginia opossum, most commonly seen in North America, is a “cousin” to the Australian possum.  It is a marsupial, but the similarities to kangaroos and koalas end there.  They are, generally, harmless, but can cause minor property damage looking for food.
  • Opossums are nocturnal.  Unlike raccoons, they try and avoid humans and very rarely carry rabies because of a low body temperature.
  • They may bite when approached by a predator, but prefer to “play possum”: appearing dead and emitting a decaying odor to keep intruders away.
  • They eat cockroaches, crickets and beetles, snakes, slugs, mice, rats, rotting fruit, human garbage, dead animals and small reptiles. Because opossums eat so many pests, they have been called Nature’s Exterminators.
  • Opossums have very poor eyesight and can only see about six inches in front of their noses.  They “see” with their keen sense of smell. 

Keeping Opossums Away

There are some very simple steps to keeping opossums away from your home:
  • Keep pet food and water indoors, in a tightly sealed container.
  • Clean your yard of rotting fruit.
  • Keep a tight seal on garbage containers.
  • Cover your pool in the winter and monitor that no opossum has fallen in looking for a drink.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fumigation for Long Island’s Historic Homes and Artifacts

The Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport

Suburban Exterminating offers fumigation services in the maintenance and conservation of the historic and unique sites on Long Island.  The North Shore of the island, in particular, is dotted with the remarkable estates of the tycoons of the early 20th century, like Vanderbilt and Roosevelt.  There are dozens of museums, art galleries and parks built around these historic sites in hopes of preservation.   For more information on Suburban’s fumigation services, both commercial and residential, call (516) or (631) 864-6900.

Galleries and museums are prone to develop and transfer infestations because:
  • They borrow objects from outside sources
  • Have heavy foot traffic
  • Have dark areas that harbor pests 
  • They store undisturbed materials for long periods of time

At Suburban, trained, certified and licensed fumigation technicians are equipped in the latest technology of fumigation monitoring.  This process was designed to protect products:
  1. in storage 
  2. exhibits 
  3. shipments

Personal collections are highly susceptible, as well, because they are not scrutinized as thoroughly as museum objects.  At the Suburban headquarters in Smithtown, there is a fumigation vault for personal collection.  The vault is 24’ long X 8’ wide X 8’ tall.  All suspected items can be brought to Suburban Exterminating directly for a fumigation treatment and protected with the care and handling your artifacts and prized possessions deserve.

For information about Suburban Exterminating, call (631) 864-6900 or (516) 864-6900

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Bed Bug Education: Long Island’s Best Weapon against Infestation

Suburban Exterminating, Long Island’s bed bug experts, have been battling bedbugs for years.  Bed bugs have become a national epidemic and scare millions of people.  Two of Suburban’s own entomologists continue to educate Long Islanders about bed bugs.  Bed Bug Informational sessions are scheduled in January at the Sayville and Bayport-Blue Point libraries. Long Islanders can ask questions, learn to correctly identify bed bugs and hear about the proven methods of extermination. 

Bed Bug before meal
Sayville Library on January 19, 2012 at 7:00pm.  88 Greene Avenue, Sayville, NY 11782 (631) 589-4440

Bayport-Blue Point Library on January 26, 2012 at 6:30pm. 203 Blue Point Avenue, Blue Point, NY 11715 (631) 363-6133

Two of Suburban Exterminating’s certified entomologists, Lynn Frank and Bob Wiemer, will be speaking about bedbugs at The Sayville Library and the Bayport Library in January. Frank and Wiemer are both certified entomologists and members of Pi Chi Omega, the professional fraternity for pest control. Frank possesses a Vector Borne Disease Control Certificate from the Center for Disease Control; he is a certified indoor environmental consultant and a level III certified thermographer from the Infraspection Institute. He is also Green Shield Certified. Wiemer is a member of the Entomological Society of America. He is also trained and certified for the Sentricon Termite System and Structural Fumigation. Both men have been presenters at Suburban Exterminating’s children’s library program “Future Scientists: Learn What It Takes to Become an Entomologist”.

Be proactive in your bed bug protection, but be informed, as well.  There are many pesticides you can buy to get rid of bed bugs, but there are also many dangers in self-application.  There is also no standardization in these pesticides, and the claims of the product do not have to be proven.

By offering correct information, answering questions in full detail, and calming the fears of the public on the spreading bed bug problem, Suburban Exterminating creates an educated consumer.  If you are interested in attending these information sessions, register at the library or call Bob Wiemer at (631) 864-6900.

About Suburban Exterminating Co, Inc.:  Established in 1960, Suburban Exterminating Co, Inc. ( is Long Island, New York’s leading full-service pest management company providing services in all phases of pest control to homes and businesses and is dedicated to exemplifying quality, professionalism and respect during the execution of a multitude of extermination services.  A recent recipient of the International Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Excellence Award, it was the first New York company to be certified as “Green Shield” making the company a leader in environmental stewardship.  We service all of Suffolk county and Nassau county east from the Meadowbrook Parkway.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Education at 2012 Purdue Pest Management Conference

Lynn Frank, one of Suburban Exterminating’s resident entomologists, is attending the Purdue Pest Management Conference this week.   At the conference, experts will be speaking about the most up-to-date findings about cockroach control, improved Integrated Pest Management (Green exterminating), ant proofing a home and many other topics. 

The Purdue Pest Management Conference is attended by nearly 700 people from around the world. The Conference provides information to urban and industrial pest control professionals.  Held at Perdue University, the Conference attendees include outstanding speakers and industry leaders. 

Suburban Exterminating continues to educate ourselves and Long Island on the best ways to get rid of pests!  Do you have any questions about pest control? Want to hear from experts? Call Suburban Exterminating  (631) 864-6900 or (516) 864-6900

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pest Control in the New Year!

Happy 2012!  Suburban wishes all of our customers a very happy and healthy New Year and hope that your holiday season was blessed and stress free!  Did anyone make a New Year’s resolution?  If so, did you include pest control in your resolution?  There are major health issues associated with pests in your home, so consider adding a visit from Suburban Exterminating to your list of resolutions.

With such a mild early winter, many people may have not yet winterized their homes.  There is still plenty of time to schedule this exclusive package.  Long Island has seen its first wintery blast and could be hit with colder temps and possible snow soon, and Suburban knows the steps to prevent pest infestations: 

  • Fill holes around pipes, vents and windows
  • Check window and vent screens and garage door weather stripping
  • Install chimney caps

Spring Clean Up
If you already are prepared for the cold, are you ready for spring?  It is never too early to schedule a spring clean up.  Similar to the winterization package, the spring clean up prevents pests entering your home. Give yourself something to look forward to during the bleak winter months!  

Call Suburban Exterminating at (516) or (631) 864-6900 to schedule your home protection today.  To see what other services Suburban offers, visit our website.  This New Year we all pledge to a healthy start.  Pest control services should be remembered in that resolution!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Award for Excellent Customer Service

Suburban Exterminating receives another amazing honor: The Super Service Award from Angie’s List!  Angie’s List is a website that provides user reviews and discounts for goods and services on Long Island and nationwide.  The Super Service Award is given to those businesses that maintain a superior service rating.  Only 5% of the businesses on Angie’s List qualify for this distinction.  Suburban is very proud to receive such an honor!

Congratulations to our hardworking staff, technicians and managers!  And a very grateful “Thank You” to our loyal customers for your continued support!  Here’s to another amazing year in 2012!