Monday, January 31, 2011

Horrible Bed Bug Infestation on Long Island

This video was shot by Suburban Exterminating Technicians as an extreme example of a bedbug infestation. We would not wish this type of infestation on anyone!
To learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs, contact Suburban Exterminating

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Congratulations to Bob Wiemer, General Manager of Suburban Exterminating, for becoming a member of Pi Chi Omega!!!

Bob Wiemer, General Manager
Pi Chi Omega is a national fraternity for pest control professionals. Membership in Pi Chi Omega is by invitation only, requiring nomination and endorsement by two current members. Pi Chi Omega members are some of the most dedicated and talented professionals in the pest control industry. Started in 1950 at Perdue University, the fraternity has nearly 450 members representing 38 states and 4 foreign countries. Pi Chi Omega aims to advance the science of pest control, promote pest control education, further public respect and confidence in pest control professionals.

Bob Wiemer joins another Suburban Exterminating entomologist, Lynn Frank, as member of Pi Chi Omega.
We are proud to have both employees as part of the Suburban Exterminating family!!!!
Craig Byer and Bob Wiemer

Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Keep your Heat Inside by Finding your Heat Loss Source

Can you feel a cool breeze inside your home?  Do you have heat loss? What can Suburban Exterminating do? Suburban Exterminating offers a thermal imaging service.  Thermal imaging helps to identify areas of your home that are losing heat.  Let us find your main source of heat loss and fix the problem. Preventing heat loss keeps you warm and saves you money on your energy bills.

What is thermal imaging?
Our thermal imaging service measures surface temperatures of your home. Thermal images record the temperature variations of the building's surface. White areas are warm and darker areas are cold. These images help our technicians determine where insulation is needed and how to lower your energy costs.

How a thermal imaging inspection is conducted?
A thermal imaging inspection can be either inside or outside your home. Suburban Exterminating technicians decide which method would give the best results under certain weather conditions. Inside inspections are most common since warm air escaping from a building does not always move through the walls in a straight line. Heat loss found on an outside wall might begin at some other location on the inside wall. Also, it is harder to detect temperature differences on the outside of your home during windy, rainy or snowy weather. Inside inspections are generally more accurate.   

Heat loss was found in my home. Now, what?
Suburban Exterminating can offer you a number of energy saving solutions:
·         Install T·A·P Thermal Acoustical Pest Control Insulation. T·A·P insulation is a combination of thermal insulation, acoustical insulation and pest control insulation.  Contact us to learn more.
·         Have our Carpentry Division make repairs

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mouse in Your House

It's cold outside! Have you heard any new scratching or rustling sounds in your home? Wildlife also "come inside" to stay warm when the weather turns cold. Mice, raccoons, squirrels and other wildlife can find your home a warm and friendly place. While some animals are easy to spot, mice can easily hide.

Our Suburban Extermination technicians are educated and encouraged to “think like a mouse”. A mouse can find their way inside your home or business and behave, well, like a mouse. Mice love to eat, have babies, and leave droppings in their trail. Yuck!

When our technicians “think like a mouse”, they search for the most likely places where a mouse will nest. Our pest control treatments are effective in homes and businesses for things both large and small.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Moving? Our Customer explains Fumigation Options

“Hello, I have a fairly light bedbug infestation that has returned after 4 months of being bed-bug free. I am moving soon cross-country, and I want to make sure all my belongings are treated beforehand. I wanted to get a general sense of the price for treatment for a 16' moving truck packed to 70% capacity. I am considering either having the moving truck covered with a tarp and treated, or unloading into a vault, so I would love to get prices for both options, as well as recommendations.” Email from Ms. K (Kathleen) to Suburban Exterminating.

Suburban Exterminating helped Ms. K to 
get rid of bed bugs.
Can we help you, too?

Don't worry - this is NOT Ms. K's stuff! These moving trucks were filled with bug infested carpets. Suburban Exterminating is preparing these trucks for fumigation, too!  To find out more....