Friday, April 29, 2011

Suburban Exterminating Complaints and Compliments

Despite our best customer service, Suburban Exterminating does get customer complaints.  How do we turn an angry customer into a loyal customer? 
We listen to our customers! Suburban Exterminating wants to get a chance to fix your problem or address an issue. Our customers make great suggestions and have helped improve many aspects of our business.  Suburban Exterminating has been growing and improving our pest control business on Long Island for over 50 years! 

Thank you, Long Island!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day: Bee Cause

Growing up on Long Island, insects and bees have always been a fascination to me. In fact, my family has a long history of providing businesses and residents with treatment advice for insects.We are experts on the life cycles of insects and their interaction with the environment. While looking for effective and sensitive approaches to the environment, I discovered that Honey Bees are now facing many problems. In fact, 30 percent of all domestic honey bee hives were lost during the winter of 2006–2007. Honey Bees are a farmer’s vital tool for pollination. 

I’m Craig, the family apiarist or bee keeper. I feel that it is my obligation to support these amazing creatures, to save and protect as many Honey Bee colonies in all the situations that I come across.   Many times, the educated consumer is my best advocate to help us protect Honey Bees from future losses.

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“If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend. Therein is a drop of honey that catches his heart.”
Abe Lincoln

Friday, April 15, 2011

Go Green on Earth Day April 22nd

What does it mean to “Go Green”? For Suburban Exterminating, “Going Green” is all about managing pests with a minimum of pesticides. “Going Green” is about finding environmentally friendly ways to eliminate a Long Island homeowner’s pest problems. “Going Green” is also about educating a homeowner on how to prevent pests from becoming a problem. Insects and other pests are part of our environment. Each and every bug is part of our natural “Green” world. We are often beneficiaries of insect’s life. Who can deny the benefits of honey or lady bugs or even how beautiful a spider web can be? 
History of Green
Suburban Exterminating has earned Green Shield Certification after undergoing a rigorous evaluation conducted by the IPM Institute of North America (IPM Integrated Pest Management). Green Shield Certified aims to help identify companies that excel in managing pests with a minimum of pesticides. Suburban, founded by Martin and Hal Byer in 1961, has had a life-long focus on training and professionalism, making Green Shield Certified a good fit.

Experts Speak
Lynn Frank has served as technical director for Suburban Exterminating since 1985, responsible for staff training and trouble shooting. Frank is a Board Certified Entomologist, examined and certified by the Entomological Society of America. "As a company, our goals have always been to solve our customers' pest problems using less pesticide. If we do need to make a treatment, we train our technicians to treat smart - using low toxicity pesticides in a way that reduces the chance that people, kids and pets will be exposed."

"Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is the smart way to manage pests," according to Dr. Thomas Green, director of the IPM Institute. "Pests need food, water and shelter. Green Shield Certified providers focus on denying pests access to those - creating an effective, long-term solutions with pesticide use as a last resort."  For example, Suburban provides unique services such as installing seals on the bottom of exterior doors including garage doors. These "sweeps" not only deny pests access, they keep dirt outside and heat and air conditioning inside, saving energy and money. Other services include building and roof repairs, installing chimney caps, gutter repair and installation. Suburban has carpenters on staff to repair pest damage and "pest proof" buildings.

Integrated Pest Management is a greener approach to pest management.  As per US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):  “Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management”.  This green approach uses various strategies that address “Physical Mechanical Biological Cultural Educational”.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happenings on Long Island

Below are some of the emails which we received from Long Island homeowners last week. What’s happening in your home or backyard?

Patchogue homeowner emails:
Service needed: Pest Control
“ We keep having periods over the course of the year that we have a problem with little black ants in the house.”

Selden homeowner emails:
Service needed: Green Services
“ Main problem is outdoor carpenter ants coming in our home.”

Merrick homeowner emails:
“ I have ants in my house, but they do not seem to be carpenter ants. I have sprayed twice and put down traps, but they are still here.”

Smithtown homeowner emails:
Service needed: Pest Control
“ I have hundreds of ground bee mounds and while they are docile, i'm alergic to bees and can't take any chances.”

Suburban Exterminating can help you solve your Pest Control problems! Call today at (631) 864-6900

Friday, April 8, 2011

Are you afraid of spiders?

Arachnophobia is the overwhelming fear of spiders. More women are afraid of spiders than men. Anyone can be afraid.

A recent study in Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking shows that exposure to animated spiders in a videogame can help people overcome their fear of spiders. Read more in A Videogame for Arachnophobes

Does anyone know a good game? Post your games below.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring is Time for Termite Swarmers

This spring, Long Island homeowners may see large groups of termite swarmers in and around their homes. These termites are looking to reproduce and establish new colonies around your home. They are largely harmless but indicate the presence of larger termite colonies. 

Swarms usually occur in the morning after a warm rain. They might also appear near your hot water heater if conditions are right. 

The winged swarmers are dark brown to almost black and about 3/8-inch long.  The wings are brownish gray with a few hairs and two dark veins on the leading edge.  They have a very small pore on their heads

For more information about the types of termites and termite colonies, read Termite Extermination on Long Island

Call Suburban Exterminator’s team of termite experts for a free inspection.