Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happenings on Long Island

Below are some of the emails which we received from Long Island homeowners last week. What’s happening in your home or backyard?

Patchogue homeowner emails:
Service needed: Pest Control
“ We keep having periods over the course of the year that we have a problem with little black ants in the house.”

Selden homeowner emails:
Service needed: Green Services
“ Main problem is outdoor carpenter ants coming in our home.”

Merrick homeowner emails:
“ I have ants in my house, but they do not seem to be carpenter ants. I have sprayed twice and put down traps, but they are still here.”

Smithtown homeowner emails:
Service needed: Pest Control
“ I have hundreds of ground bee mounds and while they are docile, i'm alergic to bees and can't take any chances.”

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