Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring is Time for Termite Swarmers

This spring, Long Island homeowners may see large groups of termite swarmers in and around their homes. These termites are looking to reproduce and establish new colonies around your home. They are largely harmless but indicate the presence of larger termite colonies. 

Swarms usually occur in the morning after a warm rain. They might also appear near your hot water heater if conditions are right. 

The winged swarmers are dark brown to almost black and about 3/8-inch long.  The wings are brownish gray with a few hairs and two dark veins on the leading edge.  They have a very small pore on their heads

For more information about the types of termites and termite colonies, read Termite Extermination on Long Island

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  2. Termite treatment is really a difficult task. Regular inspection helps early identification of those devils, and protect from huge loss.

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