Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are Pesky Insects Driving you Indoors this Summer?

Are Pesky Insects Driving You Indoors This Summer?
by Bob Wiemer

Suburban Exterminating Co, Inc. offers some tips to avoid pesky bugs. (infovisual.info.com)Southampton - Are pesky insects driving you indoors this summer? Don't let bugs ruin your outdoor fun. As General Manager of Suburban Exterminating Co., Inc. I can recommend the tips below for homeowners to keep pesky insects and bugs away from their outdoor living spaces so they may gather without being eaten alive.

• Eliminate any standing water. Biting insects, particularly mosquitoes, breed primarily in stagnant water. If you notice swarms outside your home, look for sources that may have collected rainwater such as garbage cans, birdbaths, basketball hoops, tire swings, tree hollows, improperly drained gutters, picnic umbrellas, receptacles, fountains or ponds, and pool covers.

• For special occasions outdoors, have a party spray done 24 hours prior to the event. Botanical products can be employed and this method is effective at lowering the populations for a short time period.

• Insect Zapper or electrocutors can offer relief for evenings on the patio when directions are followed. Lights should be placed about eye level and away from sitting areas to give the most protection.

• Consult a professional about mosquito magnet CO2 devices, which can be strategically placed on the property and set on a timing device to control mosquitoes.

• Inform the local Board of Health if neighboring properties (sumps, parks, ponds, marshland, etc.) are causing mosquito infestations.

• Surround the deck or patio with citronella candles or torches. The scent is a deterrent and provides additional illumination

• Yellow jacket and flying insect traps are ideal for control at picnics, camping, and cookouts. Hang these around the perimeter of your yard and empty once a day and they will help reduce the population if they continue to be maintained.

• Put mosquito netting around porches.

• Avoid using scented soaps, lotions and shampoos and wear lightweight clothing that covers most of your body, as temperatures permit.

• The use of natural repellent materials available at most stores will further reduce the chances of being bitten.

Suburban Exterminating can also thoroughly inspect properties for breeding sites and provide a written report with recommendations for remedies. For any assistance with your insect problems, don't hesitate to contact our Residential Long Island Exterminators

Established in 1960, Suburban Exterminating Co., Inc. is Long Island leading full-service pest management company providing services in all phases of pest control to homes and businesses and is dedicated to exemplifying quality, professionalism and respect during the execution of a multitude of extermination services. A recent recipient of the International Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Excellence Award, it was the first New York company to be certified as “Green Shield” making the company a leader in environmental stewardship. For more information go to www.suburbanexterminating.com.

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