Monday, February 28, 2011

Bed Bugs: A Growing Epidemic

Bedbugs continue to amaze us. Infestations are occurring in homes, apartments, hotels, dormitories, health care facilities, schools, retail stores, movie theaters, and public transportation. Where are bed bugs exactly? Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere. In the early stages of infestation, they are hard to spot. Here are a few highlights from the bed bug infographic:

1. Since DDT was banned, bed bug treatments have increased 10-fold.

2. New York is among the most infested US cities.

3. Bed bugs are the hardest pests to control.

4. Using professional exterminators is the preferred method to kill bedbugs.

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  1. James Anderson, Senior Designer at designed this awesome infographic. It makes you think twice about staying at cheap hotels, doesn't it?

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