Monday, March 28, 2011

Employee Spotlight:: Brenda

Earliest bug memory: At age 8 while playing in neighbors Levittown backyard, Brenda ran through bushes and a large nest of yellow jackets. She can remember that a neighbor put mud everywhere she was stung. Her Mom put her in bath with Epson salt and covered the stings with iodine until it looked like she was diseased.  

What’s new? Brenda recently overcame fear of stinging insects. She no longer freaks out and runs!!

The secret bug Brenda really loves is a praying mantis. These little “aliens” are awesome in every way. Also caterpillars are so cool, Brenda loves the way they move and look.

Her most surprising recent bug / wildlife encounter: Last August at Eastern Campgrounds in Greenpoint, Brenda saw a bug that she had never seen before – a bug that was bright yellow with black stripes. She took a picture and Lynn Frank, Suburban Exterminating entomologist, identified the bug as a very rare Atteva punctilla.

Atteva punctilla

Another notable bug encounter: At Blydenburgh State Park, Brenda found over 20 earwigs crawling all over her 12 year old son – she thought that they would go in his ears.

Best tip Brenda ever received was to check for leaks and moisture buildup around her home. Brenda has eliminated a lot of problems around her home.

Never ate a bug intentionally but at age 10 while riding her bike in Levittown, a bug flew right into her open mouth. She swallowed it! The bug’s identity is still unknown.

Brenda's Favorite Movie: A Bugs Life is entertaining and educational.  You can see how insects are capable of working together.

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