Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Colonies of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant Damage
Color:   Black.   Sometimes red and black, solid red, or brown in color

What Do Carpenter Ants Eat? Carpenter ants will eat almost anything that people eat. The ants especially like sweet foods and meat.  They actively feed at night. They search for food up to 300 feet away from their nests. Sometimes, you can see their narrow paths.

Where are Carpenter Ants found?   Carpenter ants are social insects that usually nest in wood.  They are usually found in structures with moisture problems. The ants enter structures through gaps or cracks while looking for food. 
The appearance of large numbers of winged adults inside a structure indicates that the nest(s) exists indoors.  The workers push wood shavings and pieces of foam insulation out of the nest through slit-like openings in the wood or other nesting material.  This material, which may contain fragments of other insects, and structural moisture problems are things to look for when trying to locate a colony in an infested structure.  Rustling sounds in wall voids are another indication that there is a colony in the area.

Tips for Control: These ants are hard to control and may not eat ant baits. Experts must find the many colonies and treat them directly. Colonies can be located high in trees or on a neighboring property. A large number of trees and other conditions may create a high risk of re-infestation.  Regular inspections and service are necessary to find and treat new colonies as they move in from neighboring properties.
-          Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed back off home.
-          Seal cracks in home’s exterior
-          Eliminate nesting sites like tree stumps, piles of wood and other debris
-          Repairing leaks in  home and keeping water away from the home’s foundation

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