Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do you Remember These PESTY Games?

Most children asked for some type of electronic toy this holiday season.  A lot games are played through a video console.   The majority of children may not remember these old timers, but who out there received these toys and games for Christmas in the past?  Are there any other classics that Suburban forgot?  If you think of any, visit us on facebook or twitter to let us know! or @SuburbanExterm at

Perhaps next year we can start a revival for these landmarks:
Mouse Trap

  • Came to the market in 1963.
  • Object: First build an elaborate mouse trap, and then try of capture your opponents’ mice in the trap.
  • Winner is first to capture all the mice in the trap.

Ants in the Pants 

Games found at a local Target: They are still out there!

  • Came to the market in 1969.
  • Object: Fling plastic, color-coded ants into a giant pair of pants.  
  • First player to get all their ants in the pants wins.


  • Came to the market in 1949.
  • Object: Build bugs named “cooties” one body part at a time.  
  • Winner is the first to build a complete Cootie.  
  • Herb Schaper was a Minnesotan postman who created, developed, and manufactured children's games, most with a bug theme.   He formed the H. W. Schaper Mfg. Co., Inc. to manufacture and publish the game Cootie. Schaper sold 5,000 Cootie games by 1950, and over 1.2 million games by 1952.

Bed Bugs

  • Came to the market in 1958.
  • A motorized game where a “bed” game board bounces colored bed bugs around.
  • Object: Collect colored bed bugs with plastic tongs.
  • Winner is the first player to collect all their bed bugs first.

Suburban hopes all our customers and neighbors had a very happy holiday season and continue on to a safe a healthy New Year!


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