Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Employee Spotlight: Joanna

My name’s Joanna, and I’ve been with Suburban Exterminating for two years now. I started as a receptionist in high school, and now I come back on breaks to help out in the reception department as well as public relations. I’m about to enter my second year of college at the University of Tampa, studying Writing.

I was working in reception one Saturday afternoon, calmly talking to my coworker, Alyssa, when all of a sudden we heard this loud buzzing sound. The leaves of the plant on the window sill began to shake. I jumped up so fast, and Alyssa was already across the room. A huge bug, larger than the pad of my thumb, started crawling slowly down the flowerpot. I saw wings on its back, and though it was walking, I didn’t want to charge and have it just fly in my face.

We stood away from the window (and away from our phones, forcing one of us to be brave every time it rang), watching it crawl up the walls and window. When Ben, one of our managers, walked it, it was hiding. We told him we saw a bug, and he laughed because we were so scared. “Big?” he asked, “Round? Brown?” Yes. “It’s a stinkbug. It smells nasty when you crush it. Also, it can sting you, so you have to be careful.” He laughed, grabbed a cup, captured it (even though Alyssa was worried it would stab him through the cup) and brought it outside.

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