Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tick Control in Your Lawn

The nymphs of the deer ticks or blacklegged ticks are largely responsible for the transmission of Lyme’s disease. Lyme’s disease is the most significant tick-borne disease in the United States.

Deer Tick Facts

tick control long island

Size:  about the size of an apple seed 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch long 

Color: Orange-brown body and dark reddish-brown head shield

Activity/Behavior: The larvae and adults commonly infest white-footed deer mice and deer. However, the nymphs have a much wider range of hosts including humans.

Where They Live: Deer ticks or Black-legged ticks climb grass and shrubs and wait for host animals. They are usually found at shoulder height. Typically, they live in areas between fields and lower grassy vegetation, along animal trails, and in animal nests and dens like woodpiles, burrows in the ground, stumps, logs, old rat and bird nests, and crawlspaces.
How Suburban Exterminating Can Help:  Suburban Exterminating will inspect your property and make suggestions on the control of ticks.
Suburban Exterminating follows a strict set of guidelines to ensure your health and safety. We use only products which are registered with the EPA. Our technicians are registered and licensed with NY State. Our technicians participate in a continuing education program. 

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