Monday, September 26, 2011

Employee of the Month, Andy

Suburban Technician Receives High Praise and Honors
     Employee of the Month for August, Technician Andrew K, was awarded a plaque for his years of service to Suburban Exterminating.  His efforts and expertise leave customers assured that their extermination needs will be met.  For an expert like Andy for all your phases of pest control, call 631-864-6900 or 516-864-6900 for a free estimate.
     Andy’s customer satisfaction rating has always been high.  In the past, customers have called Suburban to compliment his hard work.   Back in August a Kings Park customer commented that Andy “was wonderful and (she) only wants him at her home.”    To further cement his reputation within the company, Mrs. S, of Cold Spring Harbor, said that “(Andy) is such an asset to (our) company.  (She) can see he is so knowledgeable in what he does…and he should be recognized for the wonderful work…he does.”  She ended her praise of Andy by saying, “If he were my son I would be so proud…”
     Most recently, while fixing a insect infestation for a Stony Brook customer, Andy was praised for his professionalism.  The satisfied customer went further to say that “signing up with Suburban was the best investment she ever made.”  
     It is this wonderful feedback that helps Suburban and its staff better serve our loyal customers.  Technicians like Andy are the front line of our business.  His reputation lead to this prestigious recognition and everyone at Suburban Exterminating extends their deepest congratulations for this honor.

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