Thursday, September 1, 2011

Magic Exterminating Gets Their TV Debut!

Here at Suburban, we’re happy to see our sister company’s success. Two of Magic’s technicians, Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales, star in Animal Planet’s new six-part series, “Rat Busters, NYC.” These two NY men, said to have big Brooklyn accents, were chosen because of their humor and brother-like relationship.

Marjorie Kaplan, Animal Planet President, is especially excited about the show because it deals with humans’ interactions with animals, which is the direction in which she’s trying to take the network. The channel has already arranged for “ideals that are raw and real” (Kaplan) to headline the network with shows focusing on people and animals, rather than just animals. Different titles include “Whale Wars,” “Detroit Animal Tattoo,” “Sweet Avenger,” and “Feral Children.” 

The favorite, though, is of course “Rat Busters, NYC.” Tallman and Morales will be followed around Nassau County and Queens, working on rodent-control and also pigeons, raccoons, bedbugs, mice, and roaches.

Marty and Harold Byer founded Magic Exterminating in 1960, and soon after purchased the existing company Suburban Exterminating in Smithtown to cover Suffolk County. Still today, Nassau (west of the Meadowbrook Parkway) and New York City is well-cared for by Magic exterminating while Suburban works on keeping the rest of Long Island pest-free.

Make sure you tune in to watch the “entertainment’s most entertaining exterminators” (Animal Planet) on Rat Busters, NYC on Fridays at 10 PM.

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