Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Giant Alien Snails Found in Miami Area

October 4, 2011 -- The Wall Street Journal ran a story this morning on “giant alien snails” that have invaded the Miami area.  They are said to have originated in Africa and may have been smuggled into the States for religious rituals.  The snails can grow up to eight inches long and can lay up 1,200 eggs in a year.  They are extremely dangerous due to their ability to chew through plants, plaster and stucco and can sometimes carry a parasite linked to nonlethal meningitis in humans.  As many New Yorkers prepare to head south for the winter, be aware of these snails, don’t keep them as pets and if you have any doubts in how to handle them, call the authorities.  Any damages that may occur to your home should be handled by the professionals.
Source: Wall Street Journal

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