Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Critter Culprit: Raccoons: Biggest Home Invader

Raccoons are the number one invaders of homes and buildings. They can tear open garbage cans to scrounge for food. They can rip open vents and window screens looking for an entry into attics and basements. Raccoons can build large nests in chimneys. They are strong, agile creatures, able to crawl into small spaces, setting up a home for the winter in your home.

There are a dozen other methods in which a raccoon will find entry into your home, and the end result is usually the same: damage, destruction and danger. Raccoons are similar to bears; they have bad attitudes and won’t stop in their search for food and shelter. It is best to never provoke a raccoon. If you suspect raccoons in your home or business, call a professional right away! Some of the best methods of prevention are the simplest:
  • Keep a tight lid on trash cans. Store them indoors or in special containers until they need to go out in the morning.
  • Keep pet food indoors at all times.
  • Cap all chimneys.
  • Secure air vents and replace any broken screens.
  • Replace weather stripping on garage doors and keep them closed when not in use.
  • Trim back any tree branches that hang over the roof.

The presence of raccoons in a home or business is visible through the destruction and damage. Raccoons will rip apart insulation, roofing and attic floor boards to create a den. The droppings and urine will not only stain ceilings and walls, but obviously create a health hazard. Nassau County recently began a rabies vaccine “baiting” program to get rid of rabies in area raccoons. There are several other parasites and diseases that can be transmitted by raccoons, such as, fleas, ticks, lice, round-worms, tapeworms, distemper, tuberculosis, and mange. It is important to keep pets away from raccoons, not only for their protection, but to prevent provoking the raccoons to attack.

All of Suburban’s pest control services come with a guarantee that, from start to finish, a solution will be found. Protect your home and business this winter from a raccoon invasion. Call (631) or (516) 864-6900 for a free estimate or read about all our services at


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