Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Suburban Technicians, Trained to be the Best in the Business

On October 31, 2011, a technician training was held for Suburban Technicians, managers and supervisors. This training is held to keep the techs “in the know” of all innovations, safety requirements and to give credits towards their certifications. This month, the focus was pest control issues that arise in the fall and early winter. The techs, managers and supervisors gathered for a day full of informative speakers and material.

The training began with a review of safety instructions and truck inspections. Each technician is the face of Suburban Exterminating and must present himself as a knowledgeable professional. Following this, there were three speakers, addressing various issues and topics. Mike C. spoke for an hour in further detail on safety requirements and truck inspections. Ben N. covered Rodent Control and Servicing Issues. Rodents searching for warm places to nest for the winter are a major issue for customers this time of year. Finally, Billy S. led an important session on CO2, mold sampling, FMC Traps and Plant Bugs. Each technician is required a certain number of credits beyond their initial certification, and these training classes fulfill those requirements.

All training sessions cover customer service, pest identification, and home inspections, making for the most expertly trained pest control technicians on Long Island. Customer satisfaction is the top priority for all Suburban employees. Training sessions are a helpful tool in creating the best possible team. All attendees learned something new in science of pest control.
UPDATE: Pictures of training

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