Friday, November 18, 2011

Home Invasion by Mice this Winter: How to keep mice out and keep your family safe

Mice look for warm, dry places to nest in the winter months.  Most mice will nest less than 30 feet from an available food source.  In homes, mice can not only spread disease and contamination, but they can cause significant damage to wires and structural support. The dangers facing your family are real and their removal is best left to the professionals.  Call (631) or (516) 864-6900 for mice removal.

Most Common Mice Found in Your Home

Deer Mouse –

  • Varies in color but will have white feet.  
  • Will breed 3-4 times with at least 3 offspring.  
  • They are active year round. 

This type of mouse became a household name when public health officials determined the deer mouse is most associated with the transmission of the Hantavirus.  Hantavirus is transmitted through inhaling the droppings and urine of infected mice.  Sixty percent of all cases are fatal. In the fall and winter, deer mice enter houses, garages, and campers and other infrequently used vehicles.  Once inside these areas, they can cause significant damage to furnishings and stored materials as they search for food and construct their nests.

House Mouse –

  • The most common mice that seek shelter in homes.  
  • Small, grey bodies; pointed nose and big ears.  Tail can be   as long as the body.  
  • Can reproduce 8 times a year with up 8 offspring per litter.  
  • Good jumpers; can fit through small spaces; very curious, social creatures. 

House mice prefer to nest in dark secluded areas where there is little chance of disturbance, and in areas where nesting materials, such as paper, cardboard, attic insulation, cotton, etc., are readily available.  They nibble on food, preferring items such as seeds and cereals.  They feed at dusk and just before dawn. The major health risks associated with house mice are salmonella contamination and leptospirosis, a bacterial infection.

Protecting your home against potential mice infestations is the best way to ensure the health of your family.  Suburban Exterminating offers all phases of pest control to most of Long Island.  Visit us at for a list of all our service and a free estimate on pest control solutions.  

Suburban Exterminating offers a “Winterization” package that pest-proofs your home for the colder months.  An expertly trained technician will seal up holes/points of entry, replace old weather stripping on garage doors, perform an inspection to check for droppings and urine, and correctly identify the pest.  This is the season to enjoy time at home with your loved ones. The health and safety of your family and customer satisfaction is Suburban’s ultimate goal.  


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